Beautiful Daytrips around Moshi


Around Moshi you will find a big variety of daytrips to explore the nature, the people and the culture of the Kilimajaro Region. Hike up to the Coffee fields and visit the villages of the Chagga-tribe to see how coffee is harvested or explore the beautiful nature around the Lake Chala – a Crater Lake close to the Kenyan Border. Also Day-Hikes up Kilimanjaro, the visit of a hidden oasis or a visit of the close by Arusha National Park are possible. We are happy to help you with the organization.


Find out where the coffee comes from and how to harvest. Check it OUT!

Lake Chala

A Crater Lake close to the Kenyan Border. Amazing nature to explore. Check it OUT!



A refreshing oasis in the Massaisteppe. Check it OUT!

Marangu Waterfalls

Visit the Wachagga the folk in the Kilimanjaro Region. Check it OUT!


Dayhike Mandara Hut

Explore the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Check it OUT!



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